Drawn to Nature: Rock Pools

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Drawn to Nature: Rock Pools
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Apr 20, 2021 Apr 20, 2021 1440 https://www.gatherlearning.com/classes/drawn-to-nature-rock-pools Drawn to Nature: Rock Pools Brought to you by The University of Oxford + Gather
Apr 20, 2021
12:00 pm

Escape to the beach as we take a dive into the life of rock pools. Join Research Fellow Lauren Sumner-Rooney to meet some familiar – and not so familiar – faces from beneath the waves. We’ll take a whistle-stop rock pool safari before settling in to draw some of their most interesting inhabitants, using the Museum’s specimens as inspiration in this online, interactive science and art workshop. Lauren Sumner-Rooney is a Museum Research Fellow working on the function and evolution of animal eyes. Her current research focusses on the visual systems of spiders, but she has a broader background in invertebrate zoology and particularly marine molluscs and echinoderms. Lauren is also a lecturer in biological sciences at Keble College and teaches undergraduate zoology and evolutionary biology. (Note, live from Oxford, this program begins at 12pm US Pacific Time).

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