Landscapes of Memory and Meaning

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Landscapes of Memory and Meaning
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May 17, 2022 May 17, 2022 1440 Landscapes of Memory and Meaning Brought to you by New York Botanical Garden + Gather
May 17, 2022
8:00 am

This year marks the bicentennial of Frederick Law Olmsted's birth, a towering figure whose work continues to benefit communities nationwide. Join landscape architect Sara Zewde as she discusses Olmsted's often overlooked journey through the Southern slave states, a period that shaped his understanding of the many ways landscape, class, ecology, and power intersect. By exploring the four months she spent retracing Olmsted's steps and her own deep archival research, Zewde examines the extent to which Southern landscapes today memorialize history and what that reveals about modern power dynamics. She will also discuss her own design work such as Genesee Street in Houston, TX and Graffiti Pier in Philadelphia, PA which will serve to illustrate just how transformative landscapes can be.

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