What Are You Smoking? Demystifying Cannabis Regulation and Testing

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What Are You Smoking? Demystifying Cannabis Regulation and Testing
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Aug 25, 2022 Aug 25, 2022 1440 https://www.gatherlearning.com/classes/what-are-you-smoking-demystifying-cannabis-regulation-and-testing What Are You Smoking? Demystifying Cannabis Regulation and Testing Brought to you by Pacific Science Center + Gather
Aug 25, 2022
12:00 am

One industry deemed essential during the COVID-19 pandemic are cannabis retailers. Research shows that over 15% of adults in Washington state consume cannabis and cannabis consumers now outnumber nicotine consumers. However, keeping up with this dynamic industry can be daunting as regulations and requirements continue to change. Hear from Nick Mosely, Chief Executive Officer and Dr. Tania Sasaki, Chief Science Officer of Confidence Analytics, an accredited cannabis testing laboratory in Washington State, as they discuss the historical and current regulatory landscape of cannabis legalization. Laboratory testing will also be explained, including state requirements, how testing is performed, how to interpret test results, and what customers should consider when purchasing cannabis products.

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