Atlanta’s Museum of Design (MODA) Launches My MODA

With funding from Bloomberg Philanthropies, MODA partners with Gather to bring together a digital global community around design programs.

Atlanta’s Museum of Design (MODA) Launches My MODA

We have loved working with our partner MODA over the past year. With a mission to advance the understanding and appreciation of design as the convergence of creativity and functionality through exhibitions, education, and programming for visitors of all ages. MODA has an ongoing commitment to exploring new ways that  museums can serve their communities in the 21st century and building new models that provide opportunities for lifelong learning.

After MODA temporarily closed its doors to the public in March, 2020, it needed to find new ways to continue its mission of bringing design to the community by moving its celebrated programming and exhibitions online. These initial efforts marked the museum’s first foray into digital programming that could reach audiences across the globe. During the height of the pandemic, the museum hosted programs reaching participants from most US states and 18 countries – something it had never been able to do before from its brick-and-mortar location in Atlanta’s Midtown neighborhood.

“Our digital success during the pandemic made us aware that people around the world are hungry for programming and exhibitions that demonstrate the power of design to make a difference in the world,” says MODA’s Executive Director Laura Flusche.  “But we needed a more permanent solution.”

With funding from the Bloomberg  Philanthropies’ Digital Accelerator Program, designed to help  arts organizations stabilize and thrive in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic through strategic improvements to technology infrastructure, MODA selected Gather to build My MODA–a highly interactive and intuitive digital platform to be a hub for MODA audiences around the world.

The beta version of the My MODA launched in October 2021, and the full version launched this month. In addition to registering for and attending live events via My MODA, users are able to access recordings of past events and virtual versions of in-museum exhibitions. They can also join MODA as virtual or in-person members and make financial contributions to sustain the museum’s programming.

In the first year, MODA realized a 10% month-over-month growth in its digital users, and an overall 2.5x increase in users beyond members alone. My MODA also helped the museum expand its reach to include users from 24 countries, 45 states, and 165 Georgia zip codes.

You can read the full press release here and then check out My MODA yourself.

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