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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get started?

Weeks, not months! We work side-by-side with our partners to establish branding and populate programming before inviting members to their brand new space.

How does Gather integrate with my existing website and systems?

Gather’s no-code technology integrates seamlessly with your existing website and systems. Our technology integrates with over 5,000 APIs, including Salesforce, Tessitura, Blackbaud, and Ticketure.

Which museums and institutions are already using Gather?

We work with leading museums, cultural institutions and university continuing studies programs. Some of our current partners include California Academy of Sciences, Museum of Design Atlanta, and NYU Academy of Lifelong Learning.

What is Gather's pricing model?

We are a subscription software product that scales with the size of your organization. Schedule a demo to learn more and discuss pricing with our team.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

Yes! We are happy to serve many mission-driven partners, and offer a 15% discount to every non-profit partner we work with.

How can I schedule a demo or reach someone on the Gather team?

Scroll up! You can sign up for a demo above or click the big yellow button to start a free trial and test out the product yourself. We appreciate your interest in using Gather.