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Salesforce is a CRM platform that provides cloud-based customer relationship management software to help organizations manage their customers and prospects in a more effective way.

The Salesforce integration with Gather allows organizations to easily manage and sync audience information to and from the Salesforce database. With the integration, organizers can automatically sync the data they’ve collected through Gather with their Salesforce profiles, and vice versa. This helps organizations save time and effort when managing their audiences and brings powerful insights into their donor behavior.

To setup the Salesforce integration, simply visit the Integrations section of the Gather platform, select the Salesforce integration, and follow the steps to connect your Salesforce account. Once setup is complete, you’ll be able to easily sync audience data between Gather and Salesforce.

Gather provides support for this integration via our help center or through our customer support team. Every Gather partner has a dedicated Slack channel to ensure we maintain close lines of communications with our users.