Introducing the Gather Gives Grant

Announcing a $75,000 digital transformation grant for museums to increase access, impact, and financial sustainability.

Introducing the Gather Gives Grant

We founded Gather with a vision to connect the world's most trusted institutions to the world's most curious people. Over the past two years, we have been awed by the contributions that our museum partners make in their communities and around the world, and excited about the work we can do together to digitally transform museums for even greater impact. Recently, for example, we partnered with the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) to create a highly interactive and intuitive digital platform to be a hub for MODA audiences locally and globally (read more here).

Inspired by these examples, and motivated by this month’s Giving Tuesday, we wanted to do something as a company for museums committed to digital transformation who may not yet have all of the resources, tools, and expertise they need to move forward and flourish. Today we are announcing a one year in-kind grant valued at $75,000 to help one U.S. museum accelerate its path toward digital transformation. This program, the Gather Gives Grant, will select a single institution with annual operating revenue of $5 million or less to receive a full year subscription to Gather’s innovative software platform–along with strategic advice and technical guidance from Gather’s team–to help increase revenue, access, and impact by providing the digital tools and expertise needed to speed the institution’s progress.

While museums responded in innovative ways to serve their communities and reach new audiences during pandemic closures, moving from those emergency responses to an ongoing digital strategy is proving more challenging. A Knight Foundation survey found that 60% of museums do not have a digital strategy, yet since reopening, the expansion of virtual engagement remains a top priority for museum leadership teams. Museums are trusted places of connection, learning, and inspiration in communities across the country, and building sustainable strategies for the future are essential for them to be able to thrive. We are launching the Gather Gives Grant to help one institution use digital tools to build a better pathway to expand its reach and impact, and reinforce its financial sustainability.

Gather Gives Grant: Details, Timeline, and Selection Process

The selected institution will receive a one year subscription to Gather’s software platform, plus a year of in-kind support from the Gather team, who will help the institution identify new opportunities, strategies, and solutions that are sustainable, impact-driven, and mission-aligned. In addition, over the course of the year, the institution will gain access to Gather’s community of national experts, including academic and industry partners. The selected grantee will be notified by March 1, 2023.

The winner will be selected based on three criteria:

  1. A track record of dynamic programming that serves multiple and diverse audiences (members and donors, general public, educators and students)
  2. Evidence of resources, both human and capital, to engage in continued long term digital transformation.
  3. A leadership team with a commitment to serving its community and a willingness to explore and adopt new models that expand revenue, access, and impact.

Helping to guide the selection process will be a national advisory council of museum leaders.

To apply, institutions should submit a request here to receive the full application materials. The final application is due by February 15, 2023.

For questions or additional information contact Rob Urstein

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