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Vimeo is a video platform that enables users to share, collaborate and create high-quality video content.

The Vimeo integration allows event organizers to easily and quickly bring their Vimeo content into Gather. With the integration, you can easily connect your Vimeo account to Gather, and then import and share videos with your attendees. You can also gate content for certain audiences and offer exclusive early access to certain videos.

To setup the Vimeo integration, simply visit the Integrations section of the Gather platform, select the Vimeo integration, and follow the steps to connect your Vimeo account. Once setup is complete, you’ll be able to easily import and share Vimeo videos from Gather.

Gather provides support for this integration via our help center or through our customer support team. Every Gather partner has a dedicated Slack channel to ensure we maintain close lines of communications with our users.